A sewing machine for a beginner should be dependable and easy to operate. It need not be a fancy computerized sewing machine that does everything from embroidery to quilts. It needs a nice selection of features without an overwhelming number of switches, knobs or buttons. Some people do not know this but a simple machine will work just as well for ninety percent of the sewing you do. When you know you love sewing and want to have fun with an exotic sewing machine, that is the time to upgrade and not before. Many people will love to work with their starter machine and never feel the need to buy another. One excellent sewing machine for beginners is the Brother LS2125I 10-Stitch Free-Arm Sewing Machine.

Sewing Machines for Beginners

Sewing machines for beginners need to be suitable for a variety of projects, such as basic sewing, mending of clothes, and crafts of all types including scrapbooking projects. A lightweight machine is ideal for ease of moving it in or out of its storage place. That makes it portable, like this Brother LS2125I. When learning how to sew the best sewing machines are not the most expensive or the most complicated.

This Brother machine has ten varieties of stitches, including straight, zig-zag, blind hem and elastic. It is easy to thread and has a power bobbin winder. Its buttonholer requires four steps. The machine has forward mode as well as reverse stitching for ending thread easily. The machine includes three additional types of presser feet for making button holes, sewing around zippers, and sewing on buttons. The presser feet snap on or off quickly.

Especially appreciated by beginner seamstresses are the Brother sewing machines preset needle positions, stitch lengths, stitch widths, and the height and pressure adjustment for the presser foot. The simple machine also has an adjustable control for thread-tension which is needed to perform well on a variety of types of cloth. Another excellent element perfect for beginners is the stitch balance control which helps there to be equal density of stitches on both sides of the buttonholes. Buttonholes can be a challenge for even the more than beginner sewer.

Sewing machines for beginners need certain conveniences to help the learner until they grow in their skills. Sewing around the hems of certain narrow pieces of clothing like sleeves and pant legs can be difficult to keep straight on a flat surface. A free arm on the machine enables the sleeve to wrap easily around the arm and help the seam to be sewed neatly. A broad flat surface is helpful for piecing together larger pieces of fabric. This Brother sewing machine also has a lighted sewing area, a built-in handle for portability, a power cord and a foot pedal. It includes all the standard sewing machine accessories one would expect: bobbins, spare needles, darning plate and an instruction manual. This machine has a long 25-year limited warranty.